Monday, June 27, 2016

London with David, Justin and Meredeth (25 June - 4 July 2016)

25 June - Saturday

Pat and I left Singapore arriving very early into Heathrow at 5:10 AM. After landing we spent nearly 45 minutes getting through Immigration and Customs because of the crowds. We topped up our Oyster Cards and took the Underground to the Canada Water station (the closest one to our AirBnB - click to see the listing).

Location of our AirBnB and the Canada Water Station
Because we weren't scheduled to meet our AirBnB host until 11:00 AM, we stopped at the Canada Water Cafe, just outside the station, for breakfast. Then we headed for the BnB, just to see if we could find it - we did (kind of, we were a block off because I remembered the address as 7 not 17). To kill additional time, we went in search of a geocache, which we found easily. We also got our first views of the neighborhood with its ponds and canals left over from the area's docklands.

At 11:00, we found the correct house and met our host, Paris. She was very nice and showed us around the house. She also left us some fruit and muffins. Paris had a couple of suggestions for places to eat and where we could get groceries. She also asked if we would water her houseplants.

We soon got a message from David that they were at Victoria Station, having arrived on the Gatwick Express. Their flight from Columbus, OH took them through Lisbon, Portugal and then to Gatwick. We told them we would meet them at Canada Water, but must not have been clear, since we waited at Canada Water, while they took an Uber to the house.

The kids all wanted to take showers and rest a bit before tackling London. After a couple of hours, we all headed out for a quick sightseeing walk. We took the Underground to the London Bridge station and walked along the south bank of the Thames to Tower Bridge. While crossing the Bridge the rains came and we got very wet even with umbrellas.

Justin, David and Meredeth just before the rain started

After a short walk around the Tower of London, we decide to eat at Wagamama, a Japanese-style noodle restaurant Pat and I had discovered on a much earlier trip. At that time we were very enthusiastic about the menu, but since then it has shrunk in size, and in our minds is no longer a place we'll go back to.