Friday, July 7, 2017

Hamburg (July 5 - July 7)

Continuing the adventure that started in Singapore, stopped in Copenhagen, and now in Hamburg, Germany...

After arriving, Pat and I went to our hotel, Centro Hotel Boutique 56, across the street from the station; Jenny's family had and hour to look around before boarding a train to Berlin and the start of their adventure, traveling through Europe.

Our room at the hotel was at the front, facing the station. No air conditioning, so the windows had to be left open all night. Less than ideal, as the street noise (cars, police and the restaurant below our window) PLUS no lift!

Ever stop somewhere where you probably shouldn't have? Although we had wanted to visit Hamburg to see the Miniatur Wunderland, this was not when we should have done it. The city was preparing for the G20 meeting the coming weekend.

Our friends, Jim and Mary Jane, had visited the Miniatur Wunderland, a couple of years ago and recommended it to us. This is a fantastic model train - bills itself as the largest model railroad in the world. I have no problem believing them! As the brochure points out, there are:
  • 1,040 locomotives
  • 280 moving cars and trucks
  • 385,000 lights
  • 260,000 figurines
  • flight simulation of Knuffingen Airport
  • 15,400 meters of track (9.6 miles)
  • controlled by 50 computers
  • 9 areas 
Make sure to click on these photos to see a larger version and all their details:

The old wharehouse where the Miniatur
Wunderland is located







A concert being held in a large stadium

Look at the detail of the crowd at the concert

On the beach


The little white flags are visitors'
wishes for a better world

An invitation to leave a flag
with a comment on world peace

A Switzerland area

Busy sea port

Keeping an eye on operations

Some of the control cabinets

One of the many workshops